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Every child has the right to live a decent life                                      &
be free from any exploitative or harmful activity.

Education is the most important thing in human’s life. Illiteracy hinders the growth of a country. Most of the children in our own cities, who live in slums and rural areas are illiterate. In these areas, children are made to earn  money  from  an  early  age.  And  the  paths  they
choose are Begging, Pick Pocketing, Selling drugs, or working as Child Labour.

This is why “Generation Yuvaa or Gen-Yuvaa” is born.

Children living in our country, in the poorest communities and the households under poverty are less likely to enroll in, or be able to regularly attend school. It is the same with the children in rural areas, and children with disabilities. We, Generation Yuvaa, strive for the improvement of the literacy levels in these children and help them to build better lives ahead.

A Chinese Proverb says…
"If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people."

What is Generation Yuvaa?
Generation Yuvaa or Gen-Yuvaa is a little effort to make our dreams come true towards a great nation. As our name describes we are the Youth Unearthin Verve And Aspirations.

We are a registered Society that consists of students who share a common idea that “education is every child’s right” and we work towards this motto!

A student organization with over 1500 members started with a mere 30 members as a small group. These members are from various colleges in and around Visakhapatnam. The main reason behind students being a major part of this is that, this is the stage in the life where we have noble thoughts in our minds and the mind rears to implement them.

"To make sure that no child is deprived of his/her right to be a better citizen by providing right education to the less blessed ones at the right time."

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